What is Exilis Ultra?

Exilis Ultra™ is an FDA approved, advanced nonsurgical method of firming and tightening skin and body tissues, as well as reducing excess fat. The primary cosmetic benefits of Exilis Ultra are firming the skin, reducing excess fat and creating visible tightening for a more youthful appearance.

Exilis Ultra treatments at Charmed Medispa are customized for each individual patient, as the handheld device is versatile enough to easily treat any area of the body. It can be controlled to treat the surface of the skin to achieve skin tightening, target the deeper tissues for fat reduction and collagen stimulation, or a combination of the two. The Exilis device also contains a cooling mechanism for the safe transmission of radio frequency energy. This allows it to cool the epidermis and prevent surface damage while still causing the disruption of fat cells.

Exilis Ultra treatments are pain-free with no downtime. In fact, it can give you a red carpet ready look the same day. Our clients  return to their daily activities immediately following treatment, without the need for downtime or a recovery period. Makeup can be worn immediately after treatment with Exilis Ultra.

How does it work?

Exilis Ultra™ uses both radio frequency and ultrasound energy to heat up the deep layers of the skin. This causes the fat cells to shrink and the body to regenerate new collagen. The fresh collagen improves the skin’s tone and texture. Gradually, the skin begins to look healthier and younger.

Exilis Ultra treatments can be safely used anywhere on the face or body, including the neck, trunk, arms or legs. It is commonly used to tighten skin around the eyes/brow line, on the mid-face, jawline, neck, abdomen and upper arms. Exilis Ultra helps to define the jaw chin line and improves crepey looking skin around the face and eyes.

Exilis Ultra treatments are performed in our office. Anesthesia is not needed. Treatment takes 30 minutes for small areas and up to an hour or more for other areas. Our guests like how the treatment feels and also like the instant glow they get after Exilis Ultra treatments.

What makes it unique?

Exilis Ultra™ stands out as a treatment not only because it has excellent results, but because it can be used for many and varied skin and body issues. In addition, our providers have over a decade of experience using this technology and are very skilled at providing a superior treatment with results that are unparalleled in Delaware. Our med spa providers are also very careful to pick clients who would be good candidates and this is key to a successful outcome. If you have too much skin or looseness, we will not perform Exilis Ultra. We thrive on making sure our recommendations for skin tightening with Exilis Ultra will have safe and reliable results.

Virtually any area on the body or face can be targeted. It is effective on all skin tones and safe for an exceptionally wide age range.

Exilis Ultra is a painless, cost-effective alternative to surgery, and is more efficient than other nonsurgical heat-based interventions that rely on radiofrequency emissions alone. The additional ultrasound element allows for a faster rise to therapeutic temperatures, facilitating rapid treatment, increased comfort, and better control over the results.

One of the most common areas of Exilis Ultra treatments is the lower face and neck area. Exilis Ultra to the face and neck can help to lift and contour the face without injections or surgery. Exilis Ultra around the eyes is also very popular for the fine lines and wrinkles.