It’s not for everybody…

Waxing and the painful pulling process;

Shaving and in 24 hours having stubble (not to mention hundred of dollars each year on shaving supplies); or

Threading which is time consuming.

All of these methods are only temporary! And they all encourage more hair growth!

Remember when you first started shaving? How the hair was very soft but as you continued through the years, it’s more coarse, more stubbly?

So what is the solution?  (Part 1 of laser treatment)

The largest breakthrough in permanent hair removal is with laser hair removal. If you have dark hair, the laser light converts to heat and the dark hair follicle absorbs the heat (sorry, there is no solution yet for treating light hair such as blonde and auburn). Because the heat is at a temperature that kills the follicle, it then ceases hair growth for that follicle.Christin Hope wrote an article on the history of women shaving their legs.

How many blades do you use in a lifetime?

If you look at some simple math: 1.3 blades a month (minimum) * $6.52 a blade *12 months*64 years this is a lot of blades, time, cuts, irritation and MONEY!

Anywhere from $5000 to $8000 in a lifetime is spent on razors. And we have not talked about the costs of shaving cream

(Do you know that razors and shaving cream for women costs more than men’s?)- WHO DOES THAT AND WHY?

Ask Christine Hope, who wrote an article on the history of caucasian women in America and how shaving began.

Shaving has been around in the US with the first advertisement in Harper’s Bazaar in 1915 by the Gillette Corporation.

They wanted to grow their business and sell the razors to women. Fashion also played a part with the introduction of sleeveless dresses and rising hemlines and nude hosiery.

Smooth legs and underarms were touted as good feminine hygiene. Today? Some women go au natural but Ladies– We all enjoy smooth skin!

Toss your razors and cream! Laser Hair Removal is a safe and time-tested process.

Laser Hair Removal (Part 2, 3, and 4) It’s a cyclic thing!

It takes more than one laser removal treatment. Hair grows in cycles so the treatment of hair follicles will take as much as 4-6 treatments. Mad Peaches Med Spa and its highly trained staff are available for a free consultation. Call or go to our website to make an appointment.

Save all the hassle of razors and never have to worry about hair growing in places you don’t want to shave!